1. Who Benefits from State Corporate Tax Cuts? A Local Labor Markets Approach with Heterogeneous Firms [REVISED] (with Owen Zidar), American Economic Review, 106(9): 2582-2624, September 2016.

Working Papers

  1. Estimating Local Fiscal Multipliers [REVISED]
    (with Philippe Wingender), July 2016, Resubmitted to Econometrica (2nd Round)

  2. Broken or Fixed Effects? [REVISED]
    (with Mike Urbancic and Charlie Gibbons), February 2017, under review.

  3. Estimating the Incidence of Government Spending
    (with Philippe Wingender), December 2014

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  8. The Structure of State Corporate Taxation and its Impact on State Tax Revenues and Economic Activity [NEW] (with O. Zidar), May 2017.

Work in Progress

  1. An Experimental Exploration of Economic Behavior on Kinked Budget Sets

  2. Taxation, Entrepreneurship, and the Choice of Organizational Form

  3. Access to Light-Rail and Neighborhood Evolution: Capitalization or Agglomeration Effects?
    (with M. Deza)

  4. State Corporate Taxes, Firm Mobility, and Innovation Productivity: Evidence from US patent data
    (with Z. Cullen)